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About Us

Efotolab.com™, the professional photographers online ecommerce solution…
more than an online lab!

Efotolab’s Mission

Efotolab’s goal is to provide products and services that will increase your revenue and to give you time to do what you love most, making photographs.  By placing your business online with us you will be exposing your images to a larger audience. 

How many times have you been asked to take a photo at an event and you know that person will never see the proof or be able to place an order? Now you can hand them a card with a web address that they can go to and order a copy for themselves. If the event is not online when they log on they can simply enter their email address and our system will notify them when the event is ready for viewing. There’s a sale you may have never seen!

Who is efotolab.com™ and why should I use them?

Efotolab.com is a complete e-commerce solution that increases your exposure by hosting your online proofing, reprint orders and offers many other products to enhance your business and increase your sales volume.

Using Efotolab.com allows you to focus on what’s important; creating beautiful images for your customers.

Efotolab.com employs the latest photographic technology for printing your images. We have been in the professional photographic lab business for over 15 years providing our customers high quality photographic reprints and services.

Our products are offered to you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your business partner

Efotolab.com is designed to be an integral part of your business.

By giving your studio the ability to offer your customers quality products and services online with our complete ecommerce solution, your studio is always open.

It’s a simple formula, we do all the work, you collect the profit.

Efotolab.com™ provides you with the system and expertise to help you market your photography in an online environment. By exposing your work to a larger audience you will see your sales grow immediately.

We are committed to continuously introduce products and services that will help you grow your business and increase your sales.

Efotolab.com™ is a company created by photography professionals for professional photographers that provides an ecommerce solution to help sell your images.

By signing up with efotolab.com™ you will not only increase your exposure to a larger audience, you make your images available to your customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • We make it easy for you by taking your orders
  • Provide 100% guaranteed professional photographic prints
  • Credit Card processing of your orders
  • Fulfillment directly to your customers
  • Online sales reports that detail your customers orders
  • We send your profits to you on a monthly basis

Our product

Efotolab.com™ prides itself on providing professional quality photographic printing and related products to our customers.

The technology and equipment we employ is the best in the industry. Our staff is comprised of professionals who are educated in the photographic arts and understand the craft of photography. Your images are their first priority.  All of our prints are individually color corrected to the most demanding standards.

We have over 15 years of experience providing high quality professional grade photographic prints to our customers.

Efotolab’s on-line solution offers 100’s of valuable features to you and to your customers.  Some of these features include viewing in b&w and sepia, online slide show viewing and email picture postcards.

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